Lester Vesco is the main antagonist of Big Momma's House. He is Malcolm's arch-nemesis and Sherry's ex-boyfriend.


Big Momma's HouseEdit

Lester was supposedly serving his life sentence in prison for murder and armed robbery. However, he devalues after killing a prison doctor and escaping in his car.

Lester then goes on the hunt looking for Sherry and Trent. He arrives in Cartersville after finding that Trent's prescription was refilled there. Malcolm then finds the money Lester stole under Trent's trunk. After arriving to the party, Lester keeps Sherry and Trent hostage until a fistfight between him and Malcolm erupt. Malcolm then defeats Lester and kicks him out the window.

Afterwards, Lester is arrested for the last time.


Lester is a violent, sociopathic criminal who shot two people.


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